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Toshiba laptop battery recall


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Sony Battery Pack Recall Programs

Document ID: 98082080

Posted Date: 10/10/06

Last Updated: 07/19/07

Operating System: N/A

Category: Battery

Distribution: Public

Applicable Models:

Use of any software made available for download from this system constitutes your acceptance of the Export Control Terms and the terms in the Toshiba end-user license agreement both of which you can view before downloading any such software.

Information solution survey

Programa de Reemplazo de Baterías

Updated July 18, 2007

Additional models added on July 18, 2007. Please see the computer model tables, below.

New Battery Pack Recall Program


Toshiba experienced overheating incidents with certain battery packs installed in certain models of its portable computers. Based on its investigation, Sony Corporation, supplier of the subject batteries, concluded that the situation was caused by the battery packs. The subject battery packs will be replaced free of charge. To determine whether a Toshiba product you own may be eligible for battery pack replacement, please review the list of computer models and accessory battery pack part numbers below. Not all battery packs in products listed are eligible for replacement, but if you own a product on the list, click on its entry below to find more information about the program for your product.

Toshiba strongly recommends that customers participate in the Battery Pack Recall Program as soon as possible.

This offer extends only to replacement of the subject battery packs, and does not include replacement of any Toshiba computer.

Computer Models Accessory Batteries

Portege M300

Portege M400/M405

Portege S100/S105

Qosmio G35

Satellite A50

Satellite R10/R15

Satellite R20/R25

Satellite U200/U205

Tecra A2

Tecra M3

Tecra M4

Tecra M5

Tecra M6

Tecra M7

Tecra S3







Computer Models Accessory Batteries

Satellite A100/A105

Tecra A7



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Thanks so much for this info! My girlfriend has one that she bought from BestBuy and she doesn't really keep up with her computer stuff very well (a woman, go figure :rolleyes: ). I checked it for her and it's a Satellite A105 with a recalled battery on the list.

She said she noticed it was acting funny from day one, and I've noticed that it doesn't hold a charge longer than 30 minutes and gets really hot, plus she's had a few problems with it that hopefully we can now attribute to it overheating. Anyway, thanks again we wouldn't have known otherwise.

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I was considering that but read it ran hot. Seemed like a very solid machine though.

I was gonna go with the Dell Inspiron 1520 first, based on reviews from that site. Of course Dell kept messing up. I ordered the 10th, the ship date was the 27th, which was fine. THat got moved to the 3rd of AUgust, and then to the 28th of August. Well, my clases start on the 20th, definitely couldn't wait. Plus I heard Toshiba's are better laptops all around. The Dell was known to run quiet and cool. My Toshiba runs quiet, but gets hot.

Either way, I heard Toshiba's are more solid, and I have an accidental drop/spill warranty through the retailer I purchased it from.

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