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Poll: When will LaRon take over as starter at SS?


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I think he will start game 1 thanks to PP coming of of an injury. Lets not forget that PP has never been a season starter and he had a big injury. LL will likely get the nod fom day one.

I think you're right. Keeping in mind that the preseason is 4 games. That's a whole lot of football to get a guy ready. Especially a studious and hard-working guy like LL. LL is a beast. PP can take his time and get healthy and be the whily Vet that comes in fresh in certain situations.... a great luxury for the Skins.

Also remember LL is playing SS, his assignments will not be as complex as FS. He basically will be charged with run-support, blitzing, and covering the RBs and TEs that leak out into the passing zones. London Fletcher will be making the overall defensive alignments and adjustments.

Man.... think of it. Would you want to be an opposing QB and have to worry about ST and LL?? These guys are going to be a QB's nightmare.

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I think some of you are underestimating how hard it is to play that position in the NFL. I think if he starts by week 8, that would be a great sign

Umm...No way in hell is he still the backup week seven.

ST was starting by week three or four and our defense was better then.

Hes starting week two at the latest.

and for the people that chose "not this season"....never answer a poll again.

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i see him starting opening day......week 2 at the absolute latest.

GW has spoken highly very highly of him, and more importantly hasn't really said anything negative about him. by all accounts, LL is hard-worker and apparently is catching up quickly after missing the first couple of days. When you combine this with the fact that PP is coming off a serious injury, it equals LL being our opening day starter.

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I believe Landry will be starting within the first three games. There really isn't anyone else on the roster who has proven that they can start a 16 game season effectively. PP is coming off serious injury and he is far from proven anyway. PP was brought here a couple years ago to be a situational DB. He's very valuable in that role.

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