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51" Panasonic Rear Projection TV


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Just in time for Redskins football!

For Sale: 51" Panasonic Rear Projection 1080i HDTV -$500/offer

Perfect working condition with remote. Purchased new and have never had any problems with it period. Has a great HD picture for a CRT rear projection.

Must be local ( DC Metro area) for pick-up. PM me with questions or for more info.

From the manufacturer

The Panasonic P511HX41 51-inch projection TV doubles as an HDTV monitor, allowing you to view high-definition broadcasts that will captivate you with vibrant, high-resolution digital programming unlike any analog broadcast you've seen. Its 3-D Y/C digital comb filter performs field-by-field comparisons of the television image to accurately separate the color from the black-and-white information. This filter removes both horizontally and vertically hanging dots, as well as dot crawl. In addition, the built-in progressive scan doubler displays a full frame of video in 1/60th of a second by de-interlacing the incoming video signal and progressively scanning the image, eliminating the horizontal scan lines that are often visible in ordinary television images.

To further improve picture quality, this TV offers nine-point dynamic convergence. Convergence refers to the alignment of the red, blue, and green images on the projection screen. Normally, adjustment isn't necessary after the initial alignment at the center of the screen. However, with this convenient, user-friendly method of adjusting the convergence, you can optimize the color fringing in any area of the screen by following the onscreen instructions in the setup menu.

A selectable 16:9 mode allows you to choose how to display an HDTV signal when using a Panasonic set-top HDTV receiver. You can scan within the 16:9 letterbox image to obtain maximum resolution or, to prevent uneven picture tube aging, you can scan the letterbox signal over the entire TV screen with gray bars above and below the image. In addition, this TV's two built-in tuners let you watch two TV programs simultaneously by dividing the screen in half down the middle. You can monitor breaking news events while watching a movie, or keep track of two sporting events happening at the same time. With each program shown at full height, it's like picture-in-picture, only bigger. The audio is played from the program on the left; to listen to the audio from the program on the right, simply switch the pictures with the SWAP button. The PT51HX41 also features dual component-video input jacks, each set consisting of one luminance signal and two separate chrominance signals. By combining these signals, Panasonic is able to give you video images that have outstanding resolution and color accuracy. Panasonic televisions with these component video inputs can accept either progressive or interlaced signals from a variety of sources, including DVD players and DTV set-top boxes. Four sets of A/V input jacks, one in the front and three in the rear, let you bypass the tuner and connect your A/V sources directly to the audio and video circuits of your TV for optimum picture reproduction. The video input is composite-video.

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