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Tom Toles Cartoon: Tasteless?


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It's just you. The cartoon's not happy-go-lucky and G rated but you gotta have thicker skin than that.

Skin doesn't come thicker than mine. Just think there are a few things that don't belong in the "Let's mock this" category.

If I knew something about a personal tragedy in your life/family, I promise you, I could get under your skin using it in an inappropriate manner.

That's all I'm saying.

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Do you find this tasteless?

Not at all. Whether or not this is really what's happening is, at least, debatable.

A group of people who died is being used to equate disgruntled airline passengers with the victims of flight 93. I think it's a touch much.

And, if I see a cartoon that belittles the men and women who die in service to their country, I'd be offended then too.

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