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another small observation


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at yesterday's game....snyder and jones were on the field together for quite a while during pregame warm-ups. they appeared to get along well. jones also spoke with DG, hugged him and had his picture taken with him. everything said and done, it was a classy thing for him to do.

the media misses stuff like this.

nothing like a Boys game. the fans boo'd the boys like no other team this year everytime they hit the field. it was great!!!

I caught metro to landover and then road a bus to FEDEX. on the way an SUV passed the bus. the passenger held up a Dallas tee-shirt (blue star and all) that had *UCK DALLAS in bold block print across the front. the passengers on the bus first broke out into a loud cheer and then sang a chorus of Hail to the Skins. Funny stuff!!!!!

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