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Any Aspiring football scouts?


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Wanted to see if there was any inspiring scouts here? I personally, have been taking courses @ http://www.sportsmanagementworldwide.com/ its a great site i definetly recomend it to any one who would like to go down this path. This is my second course i have signed up for with them. Over a year ago, i took a Athlete managment course, which lasted 8 weeks got to meet a whole lot of connections and learned so much. Recently, i just felt less passionate about that field than i did in the scouting. So i decided to sign up so far classes are going great, and once again i've met some connections, which is what you need to break through in this field. So any of us on this site passionate about this?

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I wish you luck...that seems like a very hard field to break into, and probably doesn't pay super well. But as long as you're happy doing it, hope you can find something!

Long hours, travel... and mediocre pay.

Good luck getting a wife and developing a family with that lifestyle :) But if those aren't needs for you (and they aren't for everybody)... I could see it being an enjoyable career.

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