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Some Final Statistics...

Dirk Diggler

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Here is our final ranking in a few categories...

Remember these are based on yardage:

Total Offense - 20th

Passing - 21st

Rushing - 13th

Total Defense - 5th

Passing - 5th

Rushing - 13th (11th if you calculate YPR which is more important)

Turnover Margin - minus 14

Giveaways - 40 (Including a league leading 20 fumbles !!!)

Takeaways - 26

*The Rushing stats on both sides surprised me in a good way*

** The turnovers speak for themselves. If we can cut them in half next year we should win 11 games**

***We need more takeaways. Even Lewis's great defenses in Baltimore didn't force a lot of turnovers, just a lot of punts. But we need to force at least 2 per game to be considered a great defense next year***

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I was watching a little of the Sunday night game and I heard Joey T talking about the 83 Redskins and he said we had a turner margin of plus 43:cool: That is crazy. Joe also sadi that the 83 Skins might have been the best team ever or something to that effect

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Like I said in another thread, we run the ball alot more than people think we do. We had that ridiculous game against Jax and everywhere I go I read how Spurrier never runs the ball.

Well, as it turns out, our running backs carried the ball 392 which is the 12th best figure for running back carries in the league (assuming SF gives their backs at least 21 carries tonite). Our running backs averaged 4.3/carry which is the 10th best figure for RB average in the league.

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what you usually find is that teams that have veterans at the skill positions on offense are the ones that turn over the ball the least, and that is the case with the '83 Skins.

Theismann was 32, Riggins was 32, Monk was 26, Don Warren was 27, Joe Washington was 29.

when you have a rookie quarterback (or a lesser talented one like Matthews or Wuerffel) and younger receivers who don't always run the right routes you are going to suffer turnovers.

and if you have a suspect line that doesn't give the skill players time to execute the plays, that only compounds the problem.

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