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Sleeper picks for 2003 playoffs


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So maybe I'm just a few months early on this, but I was wondering who everyone was going to keep their eye on during the off-season (besides the Skins) for FA signings and drafts? Who didn't make the playoffs this year that you think have a real show next season (and please, no one say the Aints)

In moving here to Minnesota, I've had a chance to watch just about each Vikings game. This team has had some serious issues this season, but their offense is really great. It seems they'd put together drives that move them all the way down the field, only to have like 2 holding penalties in a row followed by Culpepper fumbling the ball and falling on it back at mid-field. They had these collapses in just about each game, but managed to finish with the same record as the Redskins. And, of their 10 losses, all but a couple were by 7 points or less. They have a TON of cap room (over $20 mil if the radio guys are to be believed), so they might be competing with us for some free agents, but probably not P. Price.

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