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My brush with Darrell Green


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I'll post tomorrow about the answers to your questions for Darrell--a lot of them were asked and answered--but I first have to tell about the small interaction I had today with #28 because it says a lot about him as a person.

I had a handheld cassette recorder with me and I'd already recorded Spurrier's press conference and a few other locker-room interviews. I was concerned that the side of the cassette was going to run out but before I had a chance to rewind Green came into the interview room. I pressed record, placed the recorder on the podium, and hoped for the best.

About 20 minutes into the session, what I feared happened; the recorder clicked off with Darrell in the middle of an answer.

Before I could figure out whether I should slither up there and flip the tape or just let it go, Darell said something like, "Oh, let me help you out here." He resumed answering the question while he took the tape out, turned it over, pressed record, and placed the machine back on the podium.

When he was done he was stepping off of the podium and I went up and picked up the recorder. As I was doing it, I said, "Hey Darrell, thanks for the assist." He looked at me and flashed that joyous smile that has been his trademark for 20 years. We shook hands and that was that.

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