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Thank You Skins!!


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My wife (who is a 'Boys fan) had her hands full today...

My dad and sisters are down for a visit from Baltimore, so my wife had a house full of Redskins fans in front of the big screen today.

My wife had her "lucky" Cowboys jersey on, so she told me and my kin that it was over before it began....

About 3 hours later, there was happy beer drinking and an unhappy Cowboy fan... the "curse" has been broken.

Not exactly the best play in the world, but there was solid work by our defense and Ramsey has been steadily improving every game. He's going to be a force to be reckoned with in a few seasons...

A really messy win, but I'll certainly take it...

The Redskins jacket will be on when going into the office tommorrow. My bet is I won't hear anything from the 'Boys fans at work... ;)

Once again:




(For the many wonderful moments you've given us to remember)

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