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90% of the playoff teams are lacking of any type of consistency right now. I'd say the odds on favorites are the Eagles & Raiders. However, the Raiders have choked 2 years in a row, and could fall into that trap again, even though going into the playoffs they seem unbeatable. It is still pretty much wide open.

I'd have to go with, right now......

Raiders over the Eagles.....

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People are actually picking the BUCS?!?!?!

'The Vet's 700 level makes the Black Hole look PG' - ESPN's Sal Palontonio

'When your on the field for a playoff game, you get the feeling that something's wrong. Like you're really not safe.' - SI's Peter King

If you've never been in the 700 level in the playoffs, you have no idea. No way the Eagles lose at home if McNabb is anywhere near healthy.



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I'm with you scott. I think the Jets are just playing with passion right now. I think the top three seeds in the NFC are all weak and exposed. If I had to put up some money right now I'd put it on SF or Atlanta. I think SF is my actual choice for teh NFC, but I just dont feel comfortable underestimating Vick. If he'd have run that ball on 4th and goal, they would have beat Cleveland. WHo runs Dunn up the middle? I just think that the falcons are gonna make a mistake. They're too young to really make it.

So i'm going to say SF vs Jets.

Ultimately I think the Jets win.

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Originally posted by blakman211

I think the top three seeds in the NFC are all weak and exposed.

Yup, that's what I'm thinking. 12-4 for all three teams: weak and exposed. Good call. The Bucs aren't exposed- they've always been a one trick pony, and they still have an incredible defense. The Pack are overrated and will lose in the 2nd round to TB. Philly had a bad game, but they're getting McNabb and Pinkston back, and have HFA. ATL will not go anywhere (although I'm hoping for a victory over GB), unless Vick has learned to throw it and catch it himself. The Giants could make some noise, as could the Niners if T.O kicks it in gear.

Eagles over Titans

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