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A year under his belt


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I think Spurrier has learned alot, especially on the mental makeup of this current roster. He's already stated he's going to play a more intregal role in the teams other than offense.

*Hue Jackson has been promoted to Offensive coordinator. This will defintely help Spurrier pay attention to the play of the other teams.

*Lewis will be reigned in and made to be accountable to Spurrier or he will be asked to pursue an other employer. Spurrier is going to have a larger role in the schemes and play calling. His mention of bewilderment regarding the "third and forevers" we've given up this year is a clear signal he's wanting a change.

*His indication that he will play a key role in talent evaluation and in the draft. He knows now exactly what type of players he needs to play offense, and a better understanding of how the defense should be positioned.

Next year couldn't come fast enough.

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Gibbs went 8-8 with a pretty talented team in a league without parity.

Spurrier went 7-9 with a run-built Team, no OL, a carousel at QB, and nightmares on Special Teams. I'd say 7-9 is pretty good given the circumstances.

The offense has been improving, and he's learning fast, and, most of all, he beat the Cowboys :D

I'm pretty optimistic. Maybe we're not world-beaters next year, but I think we'll be a team to be reckoned with, in the 10-6 to 11-5 category. And, after the performance in Philadelphia, I truly think we can contend for the Division title. We may not win it, but we have shown we have the ability to compete well with the Eagles when we're not shooting ourselves in the foot.

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it is a myth that ANY coordinator has complete autonomy. Every assistant is responsible for his unit to the HC and the GM (where there is one :) ).

The Redskins defense finished the year where they should have in terms of statistics.

This defense has a lot more talent on it than many of the teams that are going to the postseason and that is something Lewis had in his pocket.

He wouldn't have come here if the Skins didn't have the tools or weren't ready to go out and get them, because then that would have slowed his chances of being able to get publicity for himself and move up to HC in 2003 :)

The Redskins lack playmaking talent on offense and overall speed and that is the main reason the unit was wretched early on.

Notice how the running game has started to click since the second half of the Giants game, AFTER Ramsey and his NFL caliber arm hit the field? :D

My attitude has been to get the younger players on the field as soon as possible.

I would have put Ramsey in against the Cowboys the first time.

But better late than never.

Ramsey a qb that has a good to very good 2003 season?

I don't see what is so outlandish about that.

Certainly his route to starting in the NFL is clearer than it was for Brady in 2001, Warner in 1999 or Dilfer in 2000 :)

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Good coaches do 2 things really well:

1) They adapt: both to the talent that they have on hand, and to what the opponent would do. I think that for all of the skills that Turner had (and they were considerable), the one thing that he could never do was adapt.

2) They eliminate those mistakes that keep you from winning. Turnovers in the end zone are unforgiveable. Holding calls that turn 3rd and 1 into 3rd and 6 are unforgiveable. Coaching solves that (for the most part).

My level of optimism for next year is going to be dependent on Spurrier's ability to check off each of those boxes.

So far, I've seen more than a glimmer on #1, and little to date on #2.

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Spare, #2 will never be fully eliminated. Doesn't happen in this league. People are too good.

So, I think you need to redefine #2 a little. We need to cut down on unforced errors. Pre-snap penalties, Holding calls away from a play, Terrible throws that result in interceptions. DROPPED PUNTS!

Betts' fumble today happens. It will happen to every redskin team from now until the end of time. It was a forced error that came after betts had made a play. I can live with a reasonable amount of those.

I think that we CAN expect #2 to get better as our players get older. I think that #2 will improve as spurrier shifts his role a little. But don't expect this ship to be the tightest NFL team to ever donne the B&G.


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NFL football IS special teams and turnovers.

With talents as even as it is, you can't throw a couple picks every game. Even the best offense in the NFL (Rams) had trouble whenever turning the football over. But I do like what I've seen from Ramsey. Looks like your QB, as long as Superior doesn't ruin his psyche by playing musical QB's.

Given the lack of talent in the QB position, I'd give Superior a C+/B- in his first year.

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