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coach gets an unsportsmanlike penalty


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did anyone see marty m. from detroit get an unsportsmanslike penalty? he slammed the red marker into the ground, and they nailed him with a 15 yard penalty. i just don't remember many times in watching football the last 30 years that a coach got a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty...can anyone else help me out here? do you know of someone else who has gotten one?

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That's suprising.

I remember Madden (a long time ago) watching some coach pitch a fit, saying one thing he liked about the NFL was that coach was allowed to do (or say) anything he wanted during a game (as long as he stayed on his side of that white line).

Seemed like a good rule, to me.

(And, 15 yards for throwing a bag of popcorn in an undesirable way?).

(Why didn't they just decide that the play couldn't be challenged? That's what they do to us.)

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