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Man chains himself to tree in suicide bid


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B.C. man chains self to tree in suicide bid

WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. (CP) - A man has been found alive after being chained to a tree in the remote woods of West Vancouver, B.C., for six days in what police are calling a bizarre suicide attempt.

Police say hikers looking for their runaway dog Tuesday evening heard the pleas of a man calling for help in a remote area of Cypress Bowl Road.

The 48-year-old man in distress could not be reached because of the rough terrain, although he was able to tell police he had gone there six days ago to commit suicide and had chained himself to a tree.

West Vancouver police launched a rescue operation with the North Shore Search and Rescue Team, as well as fire and ambulance personnel.

The man was conscious when he was reached but rescuers required the assistance of a helicopter to airlift him to safety.

He was later taken to hospital for an assessment, although police say it's believed the man will survive the ordeal.

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I'm sure this guy wasn't begging for attention. Who's he trying to fool saying he wanted to kill himself by chaining himself to a tree then calling for help?

I don't know. He was chained to the tree for 6 days. After awhile, when you try and kill yourself THAT slowly, I'm sure some survival instincts kicked in. It was just by chance that hikers were nearby that he called for help. Who knows, he could only have been calling for help because he decided his chosen method was too painfully slow and wanted to go buy a gun.

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