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PFW Chat - NFC East Notes


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Read the rest of the transcript here:


Kevin - Hopewell Junction, NY: Who do you see coming out of the NFC to represent in the Super Bowl? Does Dallas have a realistic shot at being that team?

sn2.gifChris Neubauer: With the return of Lance Briggs and the signing of DT Darwin Walker to shore up the D-line this week, I think the Bears are the favorite to repeat as NFC champs. New Orleans is also in the mix. Sure, the Cowboys have a realistic chance, but I need to see more out of Tony Romo sits to pee than just five good starts before I anoint Dallas as NFC champs.

Shawn TN : On Espn radio one person is ranking the nfc east as Eagle , Giants,Cowboys and last Redskins. I see it going Cowboys, Eagle, Giants Redskins. Your thoughts on this?

sn2.gifChris Neubauer: 1. Eagles

2. Redskins

3. Cowboys

4. Giants

Love the Eagles' offense with or without McNabb. I figure the Redskins will finally live up to lofty expectations and return to the playoffs in what is shaping up to be Joe Gibbs' final season in charge. Not convinced that Eli Manning can lead the Giants to the postseason without Tiki Barber in the backfield. Tony Romo sits to pee had five good starts last year. he's not the second coming of Troy Aikman yet.

Colby (Spencer,MA): Chris, Just wondering how you would rank these players: Benson, Holt, Jacobs, Lynch and Portis. Thanks

sn2.gifChris Neubauer: Fantasy-wise

1. Holt

2. Benson

3. Portis

4. Lynch

5. Jacobs

Chris Hatfield (louisville,kentucky): Which current NFL coach(s) are shoe ins for the hall-of-fame,If any?

sn2.gifChris Neubauer: Belichick. Shanahan. Dungy. Holmgren. (Joe Gibbs is already in the Hall of Fame)

John(Buffalo): Which 1st Round QB from the 2004 NFL Draft do you think will join Ben Roethisberger as a SuperBowl Champion? Eli Manning, JP Losman, or Phillip Rivers?

sn2.gifChris Neubauer: Manning and Rivers will win one eventually.

Disclaimer - I did a search, as well as looked, I did not see this posted - which is odd b/c it's from yesterday. If it has been posted already, I apologize!

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Eli Manning winning a superbowl... thatll be the day.

Im confused though as to how the Cowboys have a realistc chance to win the SB yet are ranked 3rd in the division... Commentators now want to have their cake and eat it too.

"I think they have a legitimate shot at being a contender, but also could finish dead last."

What wisdom.

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"I think they have a legitimate shot at being a contender, but also could finish dead last."

What wisdom.

Next to last - but to tell you the truth - anyone making any kind of prognositcations right now are really talking out of their arse...

That's what makes the NFL so great - predicited pre-season champions are rarely the case, and teams that are expected to go 3-13, go 12-4 out of nowhere!

That and Romo sits to pee likes men!!

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let me get this straight...he needs to see more of Romo sits to pee before he thinks the Cowboys are playoffs contenders....but he has seen enough of Campbell to be convinced the Redskins will make the playoffs?

Yeah - he is probably the smartest writer in the world today...

(I think he's heding his bets more on Joe Gibbs rather then Wade Phillips)

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