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Is there any more fitting phrase to describe these two teams?

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Too many men on the field when we scored?? Five turnovers and now this?? Yes, we'll probably win this game........Dallas is a total mess............but we're not much better. I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but I hope not many of you drool too much over breaking the streak...........this is not the way to do it.

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I don't know man.

Here's a game where, you're right, we're playing like a stupid football team. It's a game where we are so far better than Dallas in every single way, as we've been, and yet they've always won. This time, maybe they won't. And this may be the best possible way to win this type of game.

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Totally pathetic even winning. I'm glad they won. but any other team, including the bengals, would of won by 40....

Thompson drops 5 balls. Maybe more. He should of been sitting on the bench after the third one. Or fined $5000 for each drop. Gardner does his best Thompson imitation, dropping several and tossing one up for an INT.

The ONLY reciever worth a d*mn today was McCants. At least he learned from his fumble a few games back that you PROTECT the ball. And catch it.

All day they had destroyed the Dallas offense. Yet at crunch time, they go into "let us put them back in the game by only rushing three........" #@%^%$ #$%$ Lewis.

I was wondering if Ramsey's fumble should of fallen under "the tuck rule"..... sure looked like he was trying to tuck it away.

That 'too many men" on the field call.......... for Bryan johnsons TD. I'm sure if they look at the sidelines in many games, they can find a coach or player over the white line....... wierd.

Then you have Betts Fumble losing a TD for the skins. The turnovers MUST STOP as well as the dead ball fouls. This was the 3rd 5 turnover game. RIDICULOUS. There's also been several 4 and 3 turnover games.

Loverne went up to or beyond 15 dead ball fouls....... and I don't think he's played in all 16 games.

At least Emmitt didn't get 1000 :). Best I've ever seen

Emmitt play. :laugh:

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I didn't get sound for the game (sports bar), but:

The 'boys cough up a ball inside their own 20. After the ball's recovered by the Skins, the officialc go into a huddle, and say the pass (which the receiver took 5 steps with) was incomplete, and the call can't be reviewed? (I guess they're saying that the play's over as soon as it's ruled incomplete, even if the "incomplete" ruling comes 30 seconds after the play's over).

But, later, a Skin coughs up the ball on the 'Boys 3, the Skin falls on the ball in the end zone, the official signals touchdown, then a 'boy falls on the ball, and the play can be reviewed? (I guess that a ruling of "incomplete", 30 seconds late, stops the play retroactively, but a ruling of "touchdown", made immediately, doesn't.)

(At least, I'll admit, all of the Skins turnovers were real turnovers. I'm just ticked that the 'boy's real turnovers didn't seem to count the same).

As to dead-ball fouls: How can we (at least twice) jump offsides when the QB isn't even under center? (He's calling audibles).

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They *must* change either the rules or the guidance to allow officials not to call penalties that don't affect the outcome of a play, especially on scoring plays. The "too many men" call was complete horse**** -- if they're going to call that, they should call pass interference on balls that aren't catchable. The same with the Cleveland player throwing his helmet earlier this year. The officials have got to stop being technical and legalistic just for the sake of being technical and legalistic -- because quite frankly, they don't know what they're talking about half the time anyway, which is scary given the sheer analness of their training.

BTW, did anyone happen to notice if any *Dallas* players were on the field? I couldn't see any of this when I got back and hit the Tivo.

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I havent read all the threads of todays game but, aren't Summerall and Baldinger the biggest Dallas homers?

Also , that shot of Campo after the interception return? Was that replayed about 5 times on TV?

Anybody else tired of Daryl Gardener being called a "Man-Child"?

Good WIN and Let's get ready for the offseason.

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