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Sort of been dreading this......


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It's gonna be tough to see Darrell go tomorrow. I can't imagine how he must be feeling right now, if I feel the way I do :)

I am 25 years old-- my very first football memories were in 1982, and and my first REAL memories came from the 1983 season. Amazing to think that 20 years later, and Darrell was part of every one of those teams/memories.

The Redskins for me, as I suspect is the case for most of you, have been a HUGE part of my life since I was a very little boy. Revel in the wins, die with the losses, but always there. Every Sunday, Monday Night, Saturday, or Thanksgiving--I'm right there with them-- always have been, always will be.

Much of my life's memories are shaped through the team. When I think of my boyhood home in Tulsa, I picutre my Mom cooking Italian food on a late fall/winter afternoon, my Dad napping, my dog sleeping, the darkness setting in, and beeing glued to the tube for that pivotal NFC East game.

The Redskins were there when I was little, when I got a bit older, when I went to college, and now that I'm married and pretty much "grown up."

And so, in many ways, Darrell has been there too. Not trying to sound weird or melowdramatic, but Darrell Green has been a focal point on something I've enjoyed basically my whole life.

My fondest Darrell memory is when he batted down the ball on the 4th down play in the corner of the end zone in the 1987 NFC Title Game in RFK versus Minneosta. I remember him getting up and running around in joy, as I run around my living room with me-- I was soooooooooo elated. That game tape still gives me chills.


Darrell epitomizes everything I love about the Redskins. Even through this rough decaded we've had, Darrell has always kept on keeping on', holding on in hopes that his beloved team could make it back to the top. Unfortunatley, he's not going to get there again.

But when I think of my greatest Redskins memories and not coincindentally, many of my fondest LIFE memories, I think the Redskins-- and the face I put with those teams, is usually Darrell Green (along with my other all-time favorite, Gary Clark).

And it makes it easier to know Darrell is such a great person. A Hall of Famer in EVERY sense of the word.

I'll never forget the great games, the great moments, the "fastest man" contests, the happiness that Darrell Green helped deliver to me. I don't think we'll see someone who is quite as much a "Redskin" as #28 is, and always will be.

And it's tough to see him go-- not only does it mean he's come to the end of his road as far as football goes, it also means I AM getting older-- reminds me that everything changes-- nothing lasts forever-- although, Darrell has certainly tried to test that theory :)

Obviously, I can't be there to see him off tomorrow-- wish I could. But I'll be here, taping the game, watching a true hero take the field for the team that I love for the last time.

Hats off to Darrell Green.........the GREATEST Redskin of ALL TIME!!

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