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In my opinion Gibbs and company were amazing with how they transformed this team before the 1995 season. They took all that mess they inherited from the “ball coach” and turned it around in very short order.. If Montgomery and Lloyd become effective after their off season mind and body conditioning; if Golsten continues to develop; and if Andre Carter’s second half in 1996 turns out to be a trend, then the only mistake in last years moves turns out to be Archuleta ( a bad one granted.) In fact, if that happens, it will have been a good year personnel wise. Then what do we have? We have the same Gibbs who put us in the playoffs in two years, the same guy who took us to 4 Super Bowls and the same guy who takes us to the playoffs this year.

We lost our best running back, our best corner back and one of our starting safeties last year. We had a new offensive coordinator who hadn’t learn NFC East. We solved the running game when Gibbs got involved in the offense in the second half and we’ve added a bunch of talent to corner back and safety. I think these young tackles turn out to be players. Back in the Super Bowl days Gibbs would make mistakes in the first half, but he fixed things at half time and won the game in the second half. Last year was half-time.


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