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Regarding the "Rumored" possible trade with Brunell going to the Falcons...?


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Knowing how we all know Gibbs loves Brunell,I think it's safe to say Brunell isn't going anywhere!

Having said that!

What if we are wrong on this assumption?What if there are some serious talks going on right now,which might even involve the delay of Landry's Contract status?

1st...Is there anyone on the Falcons, we would be interested in that could help the team out?

2nd...Since a trade would pretty much be what the talks are about,what kind of draft Pick could the Falcons be offering?

So I thought for a minute and was wondering...??What about John Abraham(ex-Jet) in some crazy trade?

Could a swap of 1st round picks be a possible scenario,since we are supposed to suck this year? :D

What kind of deal would be fair for both teams involving Brunell to the Falcons for John Abraham?A swapping of 1st rounders ,since the Gamble could be for both teams (considering Abrahams injury history)?

If that were the deal,would you make it?Brunell for Abraham and both teams swapping 1sts?

How confident are you that we will not be selecting top 10 again next season?

Your thoughts? :2cents:

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Although a Brunell trade wouldn't upset me, I say Atlanta is planning on taking Louisville QB Brian Brohm early in the first round in 2008!
I am sorry, but your ideas are ridiculous and I can guarentuee you that not one of them will happen.
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