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Hugh Douglas


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He's an unrestricted free-agent and one of the best defensive ends in the league. I'd rather break the bank signing him than Peerless Price (it's much easier to find a decent receiver than a defensive end). It's a shame we spent so much money on Trotter last year (a player we didn't need) -- we could really use that cap room for someone like Hugh.

Anyway, here's my list of off-season needs in order of importance --

1. Continuity. We haven't this since Danny bought the team. Not having to learn a new system should pay some big dividends on both sides of the ball. If Marvin leaves, we better promote from within.

2. Defensive End. Wynn is decent, but Bruce is 40 and only playing so he can get the sack record.

2. Interior o-line help. I want Tre to resign, but even if he does, we need at least one solid offensive guard still. I hardly consider Bredan "The Lions took the skins for a ride" Stai anywhere near solid.

3. A stretch the field receiver/punt returner. Someone like Jacquez Green -- but who can get open. Is Derrick Mason a free-agent?

4. A kicker. This probably should be higher.

5. A punter. How hard can it be?

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff (as Cerrato and company always do), but I really think coming back with the same staff and basically the same team intact means a lot.

What do you guys think?

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I think the Eagles will do the right thing this time around and sign Douglas to the kind of contract he deserves. After last years Trotter fiasco they cannot afford to let another one of their top defensive players get away.

Douglas isn't going anywhere this offseason.

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We could "easily" create 14 mil or so in cap room in the offseason.

The results of which would leave about 10+ mil in dead $'s though for 2003 and about 7 mil or so in dead money for 2004.

Borrowing from PCOZ on CPND...the following would have to occur...


-- Releasing SD will save around $6.0m.

-- Releasing Shade will save $1.5m.

-- Releasing Bryan Barker will save $550k

-- Releasing Jose Cortez will save $375k

-- Releasing Brendan Stai will save $1.2m

-- Releasing David Loverne will save $530k


-- Official retirement of Darrell Green will save $1.0m in 2003

-- Releasing of Wilkinson will save $3.5m in 2003

GRAND TOTAL - 14+ mil

The end results though would be this...

We already have $4.5m in dead cap money for 2003 (damn you Marco Coleman), these cuts would add $9.6 mil more to this total this deam money figure in 2003.

Wilkinson and Green would also count a combined $5m to the 2004 cap. If you factor in Bruce Smith's retirement after 2003 - then dead money approaches 7 mil.

--- On a side note, I believe that PC's #'s are accurate - I am sure there is some rounding going on - but you can see that the Skins will have some wiggle room to make some FA choices if they so desire.

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