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So does anyone back home know that they are going on now?

I was lucky enough to get to watch the Women's Gold Medal soccer match at the Maracana. I'm not much of a soccer fan but from what I understand this is one of the most famous soccer stadiums in the world. Our U-20 team was clearly overmatched but the event was a good time...and I think it was actually more fun because the locals were enjoying it so much.

I've also got to watch a little beach volleyball, baseball, and the "marathon swim"...a 10km open water swim.

What is up with our basketball team?

There is minimal coverage of the games on any of the major websites and of course we are dominating the medal count.

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I know it's going on, but only because my cousin's husband (they live in Rio) is involved in running the event. It's gotten absolutely NO play back here at all because the only place you can find anything about them is on ESPN Deportes.

I wonder why that is?

We clearly sent at least our 2nd or 3rd team in most of the events. It was the U-18 "Men's" Soccer Team. Wouldn't that be the US Boys Soccer Team?

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My disgust at how lowly athletics is treated in the US. It should be on all the channels or at least ESPN 2 at a minimum.

No disrespect at ESPN Deportes.

There's just not enough airtime to cover it; what with "Who's Now", softball, and rerunning the same baseball clips over and over.

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