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Skins-Boys Predictions


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Cowboys 27 Skins 24

Cowboys block another of Craig Jarret's punts for a TD, which turns out to be the difference in the game.

If this happens, Spurrier should be put in front of a firing squad for not getting rid of Jarrett this week -- who after he had two 10 yard punts and a blocked punt against Houston -- Jarrett said after the game ..."its no big deal... I'll bounce back!"

Hmmm. "Its no big deal".... is this the attitude I would want my players to have??? :doh:

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a real prediction:

Emmitt does very little in this game.

Spurrier should be put in front of a firing squad for not getting rid of Jarrett this week

This is the last game of the season. He's gone anyway.

Skins win. I don't know by how much (or how little) but they win.

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Originally posted by Rdskns2000

IF we win:

Skins 31

Boys 10

and Daryl Green does get into the game at some point and returns an int for a TD.

If we lose:

Boys 20

Skins 16

it will be more of the same. Uusual mistakes.

My heart prays for a win, my gut tells me a loss.

I think these are good ones. I'll add that a 20-16 would probably be similar to the 31-10 win, except just a few key plays.

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Ramsey overcomes a slow start to finish with 300 yards passing and the Redskins get two td grabs from Rod Gardner to win 27-14.

Emmitt finishes with 75 yards rushing (which is a poor game for HIM vs. the Skins) and the Redskins sack Hutchinson 4 or 5 times.

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I don't know how anyone could be confident in the Skins when they play Dallas.

Dallas 24

Skins 20

Davis averaged 2.5 yards on 20 carries the first game...I doubt Watson and Betts do much better.

Dallas averaged 5.9 yards a rush for a total of 211...With Dallas' poor passing game you would think this wouldn't happen...they can't pass,pull everyone up to stop the run..but still they can't stop the run.

Expect Emmitt to have another 120-150 rushing day.

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Half the people on the Dallas boards want the Skins to win and the other half want Tuna to be our coach. Thats the true state of the Dallas boards. I came here for consistancy and this is what I find?

OK, Emmitt will run and make his record seting 12th season with a thousand yards, that takes care of the first quarter. I feel that is pretty much a given.

Then the game will be turned over to Hutch and our sad sack wide recievers and the Dallas O will slip in to turn over mode. We are talking about Dallas sliping from a possible 3rd over all pick to a 9th over all pick. Jerry will personally come down to the side line and coach the rest of the game with an "I love the Big Tuna" jacket on.

Hopefully nobody will have told the Dallas defence what the true meaning of this game is until then and they will have made a serious effort. But at this point in the game it will be a repeat of the 49ers game. It's very sad.

What it should be; 21-17 Dallas, what it will probably be; 27-3 Skins. Me I am still beting on Dallas, but I am not betting on Bill to be our head coach and I want Emmitt back in Dallas next year.


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