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This Christmas has sucked!!!

Tom [Giants fan]

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Ok, I'm about to do a little venting so if you want too, hit the back button right now.

I barely made it through my family get together Christmas Eve and today I woke up even sicker. 101.3 fever and can barely keep my eyes open. Nasty sinus headache, sore throat, very achy, just feeling miserable. Not to mention the fact that the rain has turned into heavy snow. First snowfall on Christmas in 25 years for Long Island and I am stuck inside sick as a dog. This day has sucked.

But, at least I got a huge laugh at Deion being claimed by the Chargers and unable to play this year. The only negative to that is that we still have to hear him on CBS.

Merry Christmas anyway all.

There, I'm done venting. For all those who read my venting, thanks. For those who hit the back button, I don't blame ya.

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Though I get no real satisfaction out of Deion, ( honestly could care less about the guy), I feel for the sick part. Have a nasty one now myself. Same basic idea... right out of the Nyquil commercial. However, have the family around and just sat back and enjoyed watching my nephew especially play with his new toys......er........with uh......... little help from Uncle Jay.....to you know...help build things and such :D . Hang in there Tom..... venting is done.....gotta feel a little better now. :cheers:

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That does suck. I went through it for the Holidays last year.

Jewish Penicillin with lots of shmultz is what ya need Tom.:D Call the NY Chicken Soup Company. They ship overnight , and are actually on the Island. Get well soon.

Merry Christmas


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