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Fact is, with more limited time than the other celebrated rookies on the field, Patrick Ramsey has looked better and more seasoned, especially down the stretch.

let people take their shots now :)

next year we get the last laugh as Ramsey gets to throw the ball to better receivers :D

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Originally posted by Skins57

I think TB's King is the winner now, I actually felt bad for the guy last night:doh:

That's nothing, I was ready to kill him, for I was down 1 point in my fantasty leauge championship game with Brad Johnson on my bench. King broke even pointwise & I loose by 1 point in 3 day long championship game. I knew I should've went with my gut feeling & grabbed Ramsey :doh:

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Oh yeah, our QBs are soooo bad, BTW.


9th in the league in passing TDs, and 3000+ yards passing going into the last game. 24 TDs, 18 picks. Considering the state of the offensive line, and the lack of a receiver who can stretch the field, I don't think that's too bad, do you?

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that's okay, Peter King thought Danny Wuerffel would throw for 3,500 yards and 25 td's here in 2002 :laugh:

There were people who thought the Cowboys made a terrible mistake when Troy Aikman was 0-9 as a starter in 1989 and had 15 interceptions and only 4 touchdowns....................

A few years later he was being called the best qb in the NFC by the same folks :)

Ramsey is a rookie but has gotten none of the fanfare and 'breaks' from the national media that other younger players have, probably due to the fact the Skins are still a favorite target for the ESPN crowd.

You know its funny, all those guys on ESPN that were former players, none of them ever won a damn thing.

Tom Jackson lost in the only Super Bowl he played in 27-10. Merril Hoge never did a damn thing, except on special teams in Pittsburgh. Sean Salisbury? Career backup quarterback for the Vikings.

Only Mark Schlereth ever managed to get on this side of winning in the NFL and he has an ongoing feud with the Redskins because of his release from the club in 1994.

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