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How many wheels has this wagon


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I've been thinking about this for a number of weeks due to the tone and despair of a lot of posts recently. The season was cashed in long before it ended it seems by many supporters on this board. So, I was wondering how sturdy is the extremeskins wagon (or bandwagon if you prefer)

1 wheeled- heck, it's a unicycle and the slightest whiff of controversy or poor play and it just topples over.

2 wheeled- not too bad, but if you get into an accident it is probably going to be pretty serious. Many injuries and people questioning whether they should get on again.

3 wheeled- sturdy, slow, but basically a tricycle where people can feel safe, placing all the caveats they want on their support.

4 wheels, solid and fast, not impervious, but likely not to be toppled or fragile, everyone is expected to stay in and last the entire ride.

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I went with 4 wheeled. I think the members here get so mad( myself included) that we might say we are ready to give and are never gonna watch this team again but that is usually Monday after a bad game and everyone is here on Friday talking about having a good game on Sunday. Diehard Skins fans will never quit watching the Skins and 99 percent of the fans here are diehards

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