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Dez Bryant sideline sound

Goodell and his boys are ridiculous here, how about letting us hear what Witten and Ware shout at him on the sideline ?


Scariest players in NFL history Honorable mention: Tony Romo

Well, he's only scary for Cowboys fans when the game is in his hands. But that has to count, right? All right, time for the list of the six scariest players in NFL history. Without further ado ...

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less than a minute left and they barely beat a 1-7 team. impressive.

Lol I always love these comments.

Seattle who is now 8-1 was losing to 0-8 Tampa bay at home. Even down 21-0...

They won.

A win is a win.

Had we won by 3 scores I'm sure the response would be "well Minnesota is terrible! They were supposed to win"

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That team just gave up down by 14. After that the Saints started moving the ball at will. Interior runs were gaining 10-15 yards each consistently.


Not much they can do.


We're down to 3 opening day starters on our defense. Two of which are average at best.


People blame Kiffin, but what can he do?


Our entire defense consist of street FA's, UDFA and people who have no business being on the field.


Thank god we get several players back on defense in two weeks and hope to improve. No way can we be any worse.

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this meltdown today was one of epic proportions. 


eagles get trounced by a minnesota team without adrian peterson or even his backup. dallas is up 26 or 29 to 3 at the half? and you lose? its almost impossible. 


now, the reason they lost is PLAYCALLING. aikman and buck couldnt stop talking about it. 


callahan kept passing it. and passing it. with a HUGE lead at home.


what a ****ing moron. 

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