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I'm looking for a 50-spot by Peyton and the thundering mannings today.  Irvin even picked the Broncos.  


And a historical "*** the Cowboys, Michael Irvin is misserable to listen to on the NFL network.  If he wasn't there, with his homer self, that should would be much better.


Warner, Faulk, Mouch, and even Sapp are pretty comical. 

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Choker ! Romo couldn't get it done. Maybe it's even better for us, because this loss by 3 is going to haunt them and take will it's toll on their spirit before we will face them newt week.

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Has anyone studied Dallas' cap situation in 2014?


Good Lord.

I did see that they're over by $31 mil next year and they need to resign Ware.  That's awesome.  


Too bad Sean Lee is probably the best young MLB in the league right now, as much as it pains me to say.  Dude is fantastic.

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