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Way to go Dallas. You squeaked by arguably the worst team in the NFL thanks to your own dumb luck, horrible officiating, and an un-clutch opposing kicker. Can't wait to watch you fizzle out in the first round of the playoffs if you even make it that far. Your defense is almost offensive. The Redskins couldn't score a touchdown if they fell ass-backwards into one, and you gave up 3? Thank you for improving our draft position while showing the rest of the NFL how horrible you really are. **** the Cowboys.

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:ols: Oh Dallas in December never ceases to be entertaining.

They should have a traveling show, "Dallas in December: On Ice" where ice-skaters dressed as the players find increasingly ridiculous ways to fumble the ball, miss a FG, overthrow a wide open WR, or throw a back-breaking INT. It would be like the Globetrotters and their unreal trick-shots...but the opposite. And on ice.

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