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Just realized i havent posted in the most beautiful thread we have on this wonderful site.

And without any further ado.....**** the Cowboys!!!!!!!!!

Can we please have a **** the Eagles thread too?

I actually hate them more than the pukes.

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No but I am speaking my mind. There are 10 million Cowboy threads a week and it sucks. I'd like to read a Seahawk or Viking thread every now and then. No one cares about Romo except Cowboy and really odd Redskin fans. I haven't cared about the guy since he choked in Seattle.

Remember when Dawk picked him off on XMAS? HAHAHHAHA

Wow, seems you got Romo to the brain...Do you dream about him too??

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Albert Einstein wants to test the IQ of three men. He finds men with IQs of 250, 150, and 50.

He asks the man with the 250 IQ, "What can you tell me about nuclear fission?" The man gives an answer appropriate to his 250 IQ.

Einstein then moves on to the man with a 150 IQ. He asks him, "What can you tell me about Nuclear reactions?" The man gives him an answer appropriate for a 150 IQ.

Einstein then asks the man with the 50 IQ, "HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS?"

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