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The Cowboys are Jennifer Aniston.

This is not a compliment. And it probably necessitates an explainer on my Jen Aniston theory, which mostly is that she must be crazy pants — super-strength crazy pants. How else do you explain somebody that smoking hot, all legs and lean, having guys knocking people out of the way to get away from her? This could also be called my Halle Berry theory.

And this wait-what-is-wrong-with-them feeling definitely sums up the Cowboys.

But of course, this is just another "The Cowboys are soooooo good! How come they suck so bad?" article, but I love seeing them compared to Jennifer Aniston.

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FUc^ You ....Damn ego maniac, fruit cake, jack off, cow turd fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

I was just over at there happy message board and they claim all kind of lies, lies.... on top of lies!!!!!!!

They are so stupid they still think we have the same team from last year not taking note of any changes from the offseason and how well our running attack has looked.

I can't wait to smash it in there give me another.... super bowl faces!! In a few weeks we put them down!!!!!!!!

Cowturds fans are the worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To say I HATE or LOATHE the cowgirls is a gross understatement. I watch cowgirl games just so I can root for the other team,,,even if its another NFC East team,,,I just want to watch the cowgirls loose,,I get extreme enjoyment from seeing the pain and anguish on their faces after having their butts handed to them,,,especially in their new billion dollar palace! I went ballistic when the Skins hired Norv Turner. I kept saying "we're being coached by the enemy, this is not right, this is going to upset the time space continuum and the universe will implode". So yea, **** the cowgirls!


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sorry, had to go back and replace a certain word with asterisks. Last thing i wanna do is make a mod mad and get booted.
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I, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of the ES members and this form, do herein, hereby, and hereon; most solemnly, sincerely, and truly, promise, declare, and swear that I will always Hate the Cowboys, Loath the Giants, and despise the Eagle.

I further swear that I will always follow, cherish, and support the team that I have always loved: the Washington Redskins!.


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Screw you Romo for signing that picture for my supervising teacher and making me see it everyday.

Screw you Romo for taking up air time even though you lost.

F the cowgirls!!!!!!!!!!

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