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**** the Cowboys

Big Weirdo

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I hate Dallas so much that I would not even date one of their Cheerleaders unless they went on national television saying Jerry Jones is a satanic high priest, and that Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Emmit Smith, Tony Dorsett and Michael Irvin all take part in Satanic rituals involving animal sacrifices and gay orgies.

All I require is that they say, "Yes." :)

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You know, I posted earlier, but didn't work to convey my hatred as well as I should have. After reading some fresh JJ and company idiocy I feel it is time to fix that.

**** the Cowboys! **** the team, their stupid (honestly, literally ****ing unintelligent) fans, the giant steaming pile of **** that is Dallas (and all tainted surrounding areas), **** anything having to do with this team whatsoever down to the slightest atom.

I am sick of reading all of the Dallas fans arrogant, uninformed, ultra homerific posts. They honestly are not even worth reading. I could ****ing fart at my keyboard and the resulting post would be far more thought provoking and insightful than anything they could possibly post. And my posts are not that good anyway, so that is saying something!

so, in closing, **** THE COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For all the times I've watched you win.

U can slurp on my ********. (4 skin)

Can't you see I hate your guts?

Keehrist, your fans must be nucking futs.

Total hatred is what I feel.

How I long to crush your zeal.

Everytime we beat your azz, I'll be the one who's laughing last.

Crap for a stadium's what I say.

Oh, you'll have a nicer one someday.

We will always have one that's full.

Bow to the Skins, you know we rule.

Over will your season be,

Yanked away on December thirty.

Suck on this dear Cowboy fan; the Skins are the best in all the land!

(Come on TK, it ain't exactly circumventing the filter.) :laugh:

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**** the Cowboys!

**** their leperous owner

**** their overrated QBs, past and present

**** their crackhead receiver who doesn't deserve a nod at greatness, yet gets it anyway because his buddies are on the voting panel

**** their moronic, delusiona, highly inbred fans

**** the ****ty town they represent, where the electric chair is king

**** their 5 Superbowls, none of them were a struggle, the odds were in their favor

**** the fans of Dallas around D.C., most have never been to Dallas, and only root for the ****boys because they are sick of how diehard us Skins fans are

**** the Cowboys who have done more to leave a black mark on the NFL with their convict rosters, than they have ever done to help the league

**** TO and his "everybody look at me" antics

**** the fickle Cowboys fans who willing bash Parcell's eventhough he gave them winning seasons, spoiled primadonna ****es

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I hate country music because of the Cowboys. Stupid cheerleader show.

Tony Romo sounds like a gay porn name.

T.O. couldn't catch herpes from Ron Mexico.

The new stadium will end their sold out games streak when they miss their mark ...and I will laugh joyfully on that day.

"Jerrah's Kids". nuff said.

Just hearing the movie title "Brokeback Mountain" reminds me that we play the cowboys twice a year.

**** the Hall of LAME now that Irving is in it before Art Monk.

You could make a drinking game out of any ESPN football show based on how many times they mention this pathetic team.

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When I see people wearing dallas cowboys gear... I ask them... "who is your head coach?" And NONE OF THEM can answer.



They have no idea who the **** is even on the god damn team!!!

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My loathing of this team is deep rooted. It comes from their mother****ing unintelligent retarded-ass fans. Honestly, all Cowboys fans sholud be required to ride a ****ing short bus and wear bicycle helmets on their ****ing heads. The ONLY things those mother****ers can say is "5 Lombardis" or "14 out of 16" or ":excited: Tony Romo 95 rating"! I don't give a flyng **** what your stupid ass ****ty team did in the past! Your piece of **** team has never beat our team in the playoffs. Your piece of **** team has lost 3 of the last 4 to the Redskins! **** YOU and **** THE COWBOYS!!!

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You'll never see only 3 Skins fans waiting for the players after a playoff loss.

**** the Cowboys and their fickle, band-wagon fan base.

When the Skins win a SB before the Cowboys do all their Bandwagon fans will be jumping on our Bandwagon. I say we throw them off the ramps to the 400 level.

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