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This is beginning to have Drunk Eli thread proportions:

<edit> Dallass!

6. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters.

Type in your profane word and let the filters do their job. Then check your post to see if the profanity was replaced with asterisks. Veiled or "subtle" attempts at using profanity are unacceptable. We allow the use of either all asterisks/symbols or none at all. For example "****" and "#&*%$" are acceptable, while “s**t” or “sh*t" are not.

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**** the Cowboys

I would have given all my life savings to have some guy fly in from the side and knock that stupid jackass out, and then do a Shawn Merriman "lights out" dance afterwards while saying **** THE COWBOYS!!.

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**** Dallas!

Cannot wait for Jerry Jones to come down to the sidelines to try and inspire/intimidate his team when they are losing in the 4th quarter.

If FedEx does not bring it this week, myself included, and is not good for at least two penalties and two timeouts, then we have failed.

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