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I don't think i've ever cheered for the broncos so hard! On top of that there were a 12 top of cowboy fans watching the game at the restaurant i cook at in the lounge and the bartender is a Broncos fan! The two of us made them feel very uncomfortable (plus in my chefs coat and pants I still sported my Skins hat rather then the restaurant hat) well i put it on after i found out they were cowgirl fans but anyway **** THE COWBOYS!!!

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I just realized that this post is going to be the 10,000th post of mine (that counts) on this board.

It's been an awesome 3.5 years filled with great trips and meeting and talking to some great ESers. That said, I figured there was only one way to commemorate it. By saying....

**** Dallas.

**** Jerry Jones.

**** that ugly ****ing star.

**** Tony Romo.

"America's Team" my ass - **** them all!

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Oh yeah. And suck my **** too.

Yep. I said it. I hate the Cowboys. ****.

lol...that's right they can do mine too & I don"t even have one (I've got girl parts)...but I hate them too and their no account fan base that only seems to care if they beat us --

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