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Let's face it most Coboys fans don't have anything better to do with their time. Other wise they wouldn't be on here whining. Let it go if they had a good team which they do not they would be posting on the Boys web site.

Hail to the REDSKINS!!:logo::logo::logo::logo::logo::logo:

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Actual email exchange over the past few days:



$40 to make your wife happy:


my trip to TX was pretty awesome. The border patrol tour we got would blow your mind. I had no idea how bad it is down there and what we're dealing with. I'll fill you in on Sat if I can remember.

getting back was not awesome. from El Paso to DC - over 12 hours, most sitting in the DFW airport.


Dude, I don't want a mobile CD player. I want a component CD player that's narrow enough to fit in the kitchen cabinet.

And btw, the reason Texas sucks because the Dallas Cowboys are there.


you're a bicky pitch. get the GE under cabinet mount.

and TX doesn't suck - its a whole 'nother country - does MD suck when the cowboys visit here?


I'm not buying a microwave oven, genuis.

And yes, the whole region's suck scale takes a major upswing as soon as their plane touches ground. It drops back to normal the minute the team leaves.

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