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Very Mature thread. Wouldnt expect any less if my ass was as sore as the rest of you. For crap's sakes, you are ripping on a team that is FIGHTING just to make the playoffs!

Not anymore!

Every team has stupid fans...I live in Redskins country and believe me, they are HORRIBLE to listen to. Redskins radio is some of the worst, most biased crap in the history of broadcasting.

Then (you guessed it) don't listen.

Bottom Line....You guys will always have to deal with the Cowboys. They are the heroes of the NFL, riding into town in their white and blue...the big Star on their helmets reminding everyone that the big time has come to their stadium. The hole is there...God watches his team play. And the rest of the NFL can't stand them for it!

That statement of self-aggrandizing foolishness is exactly why our attitude here is: **** the Cowboys!

BTW, I thought the hole was so God could use it as a toilet. :pooh:

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In all of my years of watching football (30+) I have never seen a more pathetic team than the dallas f**k*ng coyboys. LOL. They always know when to implode. From the cant beat the skins in the playoffs, to the leon lett let downs, to the drug infested infernos (michael the faggot irvin), to homo the romo, and T.O., the most overrated WR ever.

Cowpuke fans, its time you face up and admit, you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


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