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"Daddy, i had a bad dream!"

"What was it son?"

"The cowboys won the superbowl!"

"Its only a dream son, remember what your dad taught you, the cowboys are a bunch of choke artists. They cant win playoff games with a first round bye in their own house. **** the cowboys son, **** em."

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Why do we have sooo many dallas fans in DC area? And the real problem is that they think they know something about football but most of them are just talking nonsense! thats why we gonna spank datass!

i saw an SUV in DC with two redskins flags and two cowboys flags on it. i wanted to throw up. that's like worshiping God and the Devil.

**** the cowboys!!

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Yes, thats great and all but the more you say they are a bunch of *******s, the more they will say you are just jealous becasue you are not them and smile/laugh to themselves, assured of their superiority as people and completely unaware that you are correct about the majority of them.

Jealous of not winning a playoff game in over a decade???


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