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**** TO

He can go **** a damn bag of popcorn, while its in the microwave

**** the cowboys

**** Silver

**** Blue

**** that disgusting color they have on their pants sometimes

**** the entire city of Dallas and all its damn white trash piece of **** residents that **** their sisters

**** the Dallas Cowboys

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I hope all Cowboy fans see this. So they can understand my vitriol for them. Why are you hatin' on me N5? Come on. Back me up! You know you hate them too!! I KNOW YOU DO!!!!!!!!!

Thats not Hating Who De, thats reality . You post hate ebout the Cow Girls and your part of the CowPuke Posting problem. Remember the saying "Any press is good press.", and you steaming off in a foul language tirade about the Broke Backs only feeds to there Troll mentality.

But I understand it , when I was 23 I would throw down in a Darryl Green minute with a CowPatty Troller. Unfortunately back then there was no Net you just ran up on them, say at the local bar, RFK, Stop Light, laundry Mat etc...and beleive you me when it comes to throwing Dukes over team loyaltys the Local PD doesnt give half the Hoot we do. :2cents:

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