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I have no respect for their fans.....the ones that aren't from Texas, that is. . I really don't hate their players. Actually, their fans that are from Texas are pretty cool fans and people. On the other hand, I wanna vomit right in the face of the typical bandwagon loser Dallas fan who has never been anywhere near Texas in his life. Have you ever noticed that a typical bandwagon Dallas fan is the kind of guy that is a loser in life? Also, he's quite often the kind of guy that wasn't very good at sports as well. Yeah, he's such a loser, that he feels the need to cling to teams that have had success. These same guys were also HUGE Chicago Bulls fans when Jordan played for them. I think I've made my point.....

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Q: What is the toughest thing about being a Cowboys fan?

A: Telling your parents that you are gay.

**** the Cowboys


That joke was as bad as the Cowboys have been in the playoffs the past 10 years.

**** Dallas. :dallasuck

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