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MUWAHAHAHAHAAAA! What a disgrace. At least our team was the 6 seed and was one and done. The Cowboys were the 1st seed and NO OTHER #1 seed had been one and done in the NFC until Sunday.


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Way to go Cryboy fans!!!!! :finger:

Way to ****-up a 13-3 record and homefield :finger:

So the Redskins have won 2 playoff games in the past 5 years and the Cryboys have not won any in the last 12 :stfu:

So phoney-Gromo had a great season and folded like a cheap tent during a hurricane (again) in the playoffs :stfu:

:cheers: Love it when your season ends and you crybaby fans are crying like sissies!failed.jpg

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It has been awhile since I let the punk ass cowgals hear what I think about them and their Bandwagon(which btw the wheels fell off of it again). **** the jizz licking Cowboys.. Or is it The TOboys now? Maybe Homo is worth 60 mil hell in my book I think Jerrah should have paid Tonya Homo 160 mil since he is a Legend and all.

No paloff victories in 11 years Thats a great way to represent America's team..

0 - 2 in the Playoffs with a ****ing 22.002 QB rating! Get'em HOMO u ****ing polesmoker.

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