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the same team i have been a fan of for the past 16 years, dam morons, why don't you use that half a brain cell you have left and pick a real team, skins suck ass and always will.

because we don't pick our team, you worthless bandwagoner ****! We are born fans. HAIL!


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Cowboys just had the fight of their lives against the shell of a team. I don't want to hear any crap about them being a great team!.......And all the Romo hype, Ha!

You didn't think that was a great comeback? Romo has the worst night of his career and still manages to put them in a position to win the game.

This was a trap game for them. The next game is the one that tells us where they are at.

The fun part was that this game had something for everyone. Those that hate Dallas got to yuck it up. Dallas fans got to see that their team not give up after the fumble, hanging in there to get the win.

It was one heck of a game.


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