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1 minute ago, TK said:

We were in the mix until OAK wanted a 1st & Jay said nope, we done here.


Though if we were to trade for a WR that'd be an immediate plug n play guy, that guy is down in Tampa. However, we're due to start getting WRs back soon anyways so I don't expect a trade for DJax.

I'm still in disbelief, Dallas could be giving up a top 10 pick. They're only 3-4, so it's just crazy to think that they value Cooper that highly.


I think this was a PR move by JJ that is backfiring badly, he thinks that team is closer than they are but that OL is a shell of what it was in 2016. 

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16 minutes ago, ClaytoAli said:

This again is why I enjoy NFL fanboard surfing - the morning after a Monday win:



I wonder how the Skins will get swept by Dallas.


What do you expect from ignorant cowboy fans? :ols:


Seriously, I don't think he was talking about sweeping the Redskins. Not even a cowboy fan could be that clueless.... I guess. ? He was talking about sweeping the eagles and how they can still beat the Redskins one time, but would need help to catch them otherwise.


It was just a badly written post. Typical for a cowboy fan. :dallas_sucks:

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^oh come on, that wasn’t a badly written post at all. I understood it quite well.

First line: Wondering if they can put 1 loss on the skins on their own, and needing help from 1 or 2 other teams. 


Second line: they are ahead of the eagles. Can they stay ahead 


third line (still talking about the eagles) they might have to sweep Philly, would love to see it happen even if they (Dallas) doesn’t win division. 


Not difficult to understand??

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On 11/27/2018 at 9:19 AM, Riggo#44 said:

Clicked on NFL TV this morning to hear "This is the biggest game of the year, not Saints-Rams, not Rams-Chiefs. The Saints-Cowboys!"



It is for selling ad space for commercials like Black Friday is for commerce.

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