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      We’re still doing this?  Absolutely!  Despite all the compelling reasons to just let everyone go home and enjoy and extended offseason, this is not an option.  The games must be played, and therefore we the long-suffering fans will feel compelled to watch.  Even games no reasonable football fan would choose to watch like, for example, today’s Redskins Jets game.   

      Today’s convergence of sadness features the 30th ranked scoring offense (Jets 14.4 ppg) versus the 32nd (Redskins 12.0 ppg).  The first team to 15 wins!  With no playoff aspirations the compelling story lines for this game are largely limited to watching young players (hopefully) develop.  Dwayne Haskins gets his first home start and Derrius Guice is back from injury.   
      My, reasonable, goals for today’s game:  
      1- Score a touchdown 
      2- Score more than 17 points.   
      3- Haskins throws for 200 yards or more with no interceptions  
      4- Guice runs the ball at least 10 times and finishes at 3.5 yards per carry and healthy.  
      Hoping for a win at this point feels like setting myself up for disappointment, so I’m happy to settle for an entertaining loss.  
      Special thanks to @pez for some excellent Guinness beef stew.  If you absolutely have to stand in a frozen parking lot at 9am, the best place to do it is at the Extremeskins Tailgate with Pez and @Huly.  Great fans, great people. 
      The Redskins have declared for the following players as inactive: 
      Paul Richardson  
      Colt McCoy 
      Deshazor Everett 
      Chris Thompson  
      Ross Pierschbacher 
      Vernon Davis  
      Tim Settle  
      The Jets declared the following players as inactive  
      Nate Hairston  
      Darryl Roberts  
      Paul Worrilow 
      Matthias Farley  
      CJ Mosley  
      Jordan Willis  
      Leo Koloamatangi 

Big Weirdo

**** the Cowboys

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**** you Dallass and **** all the bandwagon fans out west who've never been to Dallas, or Texas for that matter

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Good to be here tonight............

I predict clear skies, with a healthy dose of

**** DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh is the game on yet. Man I've been ready since last sunday. Its almost game time. **** The Cryboys

You forgot the most important part of your post. There, I fixed it for you.

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There's never a bad time to say "**** DALLAS", this morning is just a little better than usual

And oh yeah, **** that weird Cabbage Patch mascot that sticks his big lumpy mug in the camera too

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Romo ****ed the Cowboys today. Again. :ols:

I was about to post the same thing. Wonder how many pukes fans are still clamoring over their "warrior" now, lol.

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Re: NFL.com: Austin, Bryant better than Megatron? Cowboys' Ryan says yes

Before anyone reads this can you please make a new thread of this for me because for some reason I can't post new threads and entitle it : I GIVE UP

I give up.

I have been a cowboys fan since i was 5 years old. I have tried so many times to stick it out with Romo

Well Mr Clutch, Mr Meltdown, etc... does it again. As soon as he threw that first pick for six I started to get the old feeling back -- you know the one --where Tony blows the game. Of course it's a team sport so he had a lot of help. Like the offensive coordinator and head coach Jason Garrett. Why with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter (with a 24 point lead) do you call sideline pass plays and why would Tony ever think he is good enough to pass into double coverage? They already had a fairly decent running game established. They should have just ran the ball down Detroits throat until they figured out a way to stop them. But no, Garrett lets good old Tony start slinging the ball around and those two pick six's brought life back into Detroit. I realize that we don't have any better options at this time than Tony but with luck someone in the Cowboys organization will start thinking about drafting a Quarterback. Romo isn't a starting Quarterback but he would make an OK backup or third string Quarterback. Jerry Jones, it's time to start thinking about the team and not Romo's feelings...

Im so sick of Jerry Jones defending him and Jason Garrett saying " We beleive in Tony this team beleieves in Tony" JUST STOP im DONE.

Atleast when the Eagles lost yesterday this is what Andy Reid said:

"It was terrible coaching and we played bad, it was a terrible coaching performance"

Mike Vick went on to say "It's something I need to do better I take the blame"

Romo can't even say "I'm sorry to the fan's Im sorry for blowing this... not once.. unreal. Im DONE.


“There’s no issue about faith in Romo in any place in this organization, period. Any place. There’s no issue regarding Tony,” Jones said. “I had all the confidence in the world on the last drive that he gives us the best chance to go down and score a touchdown. Didn’t get it done, but we have a lot of faith in Romo.”

"As Romo goes We go"

Well guess what? Not me.

Redskins fans can complain all they want about 5-11 season or 6-10 season the past 6 years...

Well guess what having a mediocore team and not having 1 playoff win and boched snaps in Seattle and the chokes by Romo vs philadelphia to get in the playoffs couple years ago.. Seattle.. Minnesota... IS 10 TIMES WORSE... gives us ****ty draft picks and rips your heart out.

I'm done I'm following the Redskins now... I can't take it anymore... Just out of spite to Jerry and Tony, its going to be so hard to quit on the team I have loved for 20 years but I just can't take it.... as much as I hate doing this...

I GIVE UP The Redskins FANS are 100% right YOU WIN I GIVE UP

I have already thrown out all of my cowboys gear.. 1000's of dollars worth of stuff after the press conferences last night...

I speak on behalf of most cowboys fans... but I'm willing to give in and give in to the redskins.

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My brother, a Cowboy fan, called to say that he might need elbow surgery. My 8 year old responded, "That's what you get for rooting for the Cowboys. Start cheering for the Redskins, and you'll be okay."

That's my confirmation that I'm bringing my child up right!

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Love how the Pukes lost this week. At least we knew we were probably going to lose before the 1st quarter was over, lol. Refs 1 Skins 0

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