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Green 'sick' of CB battle


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Actually, it sounds like Green is sick of being ASKED about the CB battle. ESPN is just trying to make something out of nothing. Suprise suprise rolleyes.gif


"Men, there's nothing to get excited about. The situation is normal; we are surrounded."

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Even though others intimate that Donovan Greer impressed some teams in the offseason with his potential and he may have from afar, I don't think I am speaking out of turn to say that this summer up close he has looked less like a starter and more like a player that has to make the roster on special teams.

I was dubious about his being a backup for 5 years in New Orleans and Buffalo to begin with.

But from what I have seen here the man lacks the natural instincts to be a cover corner in this league. And at 5'9 and 178 pounds lacks the punch to play the more physical style demanded of a CB in the Tampa cover 2 defense.

So, in his own way Greer is the ultimate tweener. Although, once again, quite frankly, the man has missed a bevy of tackles in the preseason, which sort of shoots down the theory that he comes in as a sure tackler.

Once again, I don't see Greer as an everydown starter in the NFL. Perhaps he can be the nickel corner and make his contribution playing guys in the slot with intermediate help in the zone, but there is no way he approximates what Smoot does in terms of skill and instinct at the position.

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