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To all those in the DC area.

Idaho fan

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If I could make a few suggestions.

1. I would go with the Lions games for the reasons stated above.

2. 10 days is alot in DC I think so maybe consider renting a car and driving to a few "close" things to see and do...a few suggestions..

Baltimore Inner Harbor - 45 minutes from DC

Gettsburg PA - 1 hour away - I would REALLY suggest this if you like the Civil War at all...it will be a beautiful trip because of the fall colors and its really interesting.

Both are good day trips to get you out of DC and if your not in the area much it would be worth a day in each of those places. Gettesburg is fairly cheap, the harbor can be pricey especially if you go to the Aquarium.:2cents:

Obvioulsly in DC the Monuments and National Zoo are musts, as well as the Smithsonian.

Take the Metro train..its fairly friendly (thats relative in this area) and cheap with less headaches.

Hope this helps..

***Oh..one last thing, I hate to say it, but the people here are RUDE and in a hurry to get nowhere...so be prepared;) :D :logo:

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First - Mods sorry if this is in the wrong forum but my question is related to the Skins.

I really need some of your expert advice on when to plan a trip to DC. and attend a game at Fed Ex. My options are:

10/7 vs. Lions

10/21 vs. Cards

11/11 vs. Eagles

Things to factor in to your advice:

*This will be my (and my families) first home game - ever! (bout time!)

We have been to several away games but never a home game.

*We will be staying for about 10 days and make a vacation out of this trip -

want to see the sights you know... is there a better time to be in DC

for that reason? I was there about 22 years ago with my parents and

thought it was great - so much to see. I hope my kids can enjoy the

game but also have a similar experience to what I had.

Also, I will be shopping for tickets (four) over the next couple months. I have heard people complain about certain seats in FedEx - give me some advice on the best sections to sit if you can. I hope to get 4 decent seats for about $600-$800 and not get stuck behind a column or something.

Thanks for any help! This trip will be a dream come true for me and it was actually my wifes idea! :cheers:

Attend the Eagles vs Skins game. Always a close game that will be played with heart until the last minutes.

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At the Smithsonian I'd recommend the Air & Space museum (IMAX theater and the planetarium are sweet), and the Natural History museum. American history museum is cool too, if you're into history. And as another poster mentioned, Gettysburg is really cool and not that far away (maybe 1.5 hrs drive).

I think Pez coordinates the ES tailgate. I haven't yet made it to one, but they seem like a lot of fun- good food and drinks, good peeps, etc.

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