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Steve & Norv


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don't underestimate the demonstrated ability to lead.

in the end that is what Norv lacked and would have been shown if he had gotten the chance to be a HC before coming to the Redskins.

Spurrier has reached the top of his profession as a college coach and while success doesn't always translate, the preparation and ability to motivate are things that will hold him in good stead here in DC.

Norv's resume boasts that he was a backup qb at Oregon in college. Spurrier was a Heisman winner himself at qb at Florida and was a #1 pick in the NFL by San Francisco.

So, while he doesn't have NFL coaching experience he has played in the NFL and is not a complete stranger like Lou Holtz or Bud Wilkinson were. smile.gif

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Guest Mick Light

Steve Spurrier is Norv without the facial craters.


I had to make like a blind man at an orgy ; I had to feel my way around.

Leslie Nielsen, The Naked Gun

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