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Crazy pictures of SF fire and highway collapse


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When did this happen, and what caused the initial fire?

A tanker truck filled with 8,600 of gallons of gasoline crashed into a bridge pillar and overturned.

The fire apparently was intense enough at 2,750 degrees to cause the steel beams in the overhead portion of the overpass to buckle. That, and bolts that are said to have melted at least partially, caused the collapse.

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Apparently, the truck driver walked away, but suffered second degree burns.

A link to any of the articles would have been nice, so here's what I could find.




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how can that happen? Rosie O'Fat and Charlie Sheen have both stated it is impossible for burning fuel to melt steel!!

I am now constructing a scale model of the accident site, using nails for the overpass support, a beer bottle on wheels filled with gas for the tanker, and the metal from the side of my computer tower as the roadway... Results at 7:00PM

Stay tuned... I WILL get to the bottom of this....

P.S. I have also bought some bottle rockets to prove that it was a missile that hit the overpass

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Look closely at this picture


What is that long cord on the freeway, and the blast mark next to it? Plus, if you look at he support at bottom right, there are black marks on it in the middle bottom

Was Cheney in San Franfreako this weekend?

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