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(Un)Official Undrafted Rookie Free Agent Thread


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Maybe alittle early, but I was reading a chat on ESPN with Gary Horton about this.

Within 2 hours after the draft, teams will already be out of the free agent business. In the old days, you could come back in the next day and work the phones and bring guys in for tryouts.

So, maybe a continued effort to keep the Stadium in order could be helped with a thread where folks can list and discuss the UDRFA's we picked up tonight.

Personally, I see a lot of DT's and DE's who are still on the board. A few CB's also.

Actually, who is still out there that the Skins should look at? Lets start there.

Edit (10:00am 4/30)

Here is who I've been told we've signed.

Keenan Carter DT Virginia

Fontel Mines, TE/WR

Deyon Williams, WR

Sam Hollenbach, QB, Maryland

Jesse Wendt, WR, Wisconsin-Stout

Pete Schmitt, TE,Wisconsin-Whitewater (Try-Out)

Taylor Sele, WR, Boston College

Zach Latimer MLB Ok

Justin Hickman DE UCLA

Ryan Cubit, QB, Western Michigan (Try-Out)

Terry Caulley, RB, Connecticut

Tucker Peterson OG UNH

Daniel Francis CB LSU

Stephon Heyer OT Maryland

Marcus Mason RB Youngstown State

Eli Nichols, DL, Duke

John Talley, CB, Duke

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What's the deal with Thomas again?


only played 2 games in college. And that was at the community college level. Originally recruited by Oklahoma State, but grades were too low, then dropped out of CC because of grades. Have had some run ins with the cops.

But he can do a backflip :laugh: :laugh:

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What's the deal with Thomas again?


You don't want him. This isn't a first rounder who the team is willing to invest money to keep out of trouble. Hopefully no team considers him.

Otherwise, grab as many of those DT's as you can! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!:cheers:

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Gimme some kind of pass rusher at DE. That'd be cool. Walter Thomas would be nice, but we already have a couple of projects at DT. Not really a huge need. But if we can find anyone to be some sort of pass rush specialist (maybe Victor Degrate?) I would be happy.

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That Jeremy Clark kid from Bama is intersting to me. He's a big boy.

I think "if" healthy. We're ok this year at DT. I mean, you would think Joe and Griff start. Then Goldston is 1st off the bench...and Montgomery is 2nd off the bench. As long as those guys can be rotated in this year. We'll be ok. If they have to start. I'd be worried. More with Monty than Goldy.

At end I think we're in better condition if Carter is the player he was the last handful of games...and Daniels stays healthy. Wynn is a nice option off the bench with Evans has your 2nd guy off the bench if you have somebody down.

Will all this come together? I don't know. But if I had to bring in 10 DL. I'd go about 6 or 7 DT's and 3 or 4 DE's.

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What's the deal with Thomas again?


He's got his own thread .

"Headcase" fits.

"Top 5 draft pick" measurables. "Don't touch this nutjob" head.

(He did play more than 2 games, though. Played 11 games for Okla State before being kicked off (discipline and academics).)

I'm thinking, if nothing else, a year on the practice squad would help the guy a lot.

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