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Some pics from today's draft (@ Fed Ex) (56K beware)


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Fun day at Fed Ex today. Two complaints though: When the clock hit eleven, they had one entrance to the whole event, which in the fashion of the Dan, was through the hall of fame store, with TWO security guards responsible for frisking at least a couple of thousand of people inititially waiting outside. Needless to say, it took forever to get in. Also, I was excited to get my picture taken with the Lombardi trophies, but was dissapointed with the set up they had. There was a security guard standing right next to the trophies who ended up in everybody's pictures who would yell at everybody every ten seconds or so that you must remain outside this black tape perimeter they had set up. It was so excessive for the guy to yell at everyone as loud and as often as he did considering there were the same fifteen or so people in the line the whole time I was waiting. He actually kicked an elderly gentleman out of the line and wouldn't let him take a picture because the guy barely stepped on the line.

Other than those two things, it was a fun day. The yellow helmets looked great next to the jerseys in the locker room and it was nice to pay for only somewhat overpriced food while at Fed Ex, as food seemed to be at least thahalf of what one normally pays for food at a Dan Snyder redskins game.

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