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CBS: But here are 10 things I think will happen during this weekend's draft:


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But here are 10 things I think will happen during this weekend's draft:

Forget about Adrian Peterson's collarbone. The team that drafts him should throw a big ol' Fiesta. (US Presswire)

1. Adrian Peterson will still go in the top 10, probably top five. Despite a report that said some teams are concerned about Peterson re-injuring his collarbone in the Fiesta Bowl, an injury that could require surgery, Peterson will still be high draft pick. The Cleveland Browns, picking third, will strongly consider him. They can play Jamal Lewis for a year, and then have Peterson completely healthy the next season if he does need surgery. It's the same for the Arizona Cardinals. They can play Edgerrin James for a year, and then come back with Peterson in 2008. Plus, word is the injury isn't definitely going to require surgery. Peterson is a rare talent. He won't fall that far -- if at all.

3. There will be a run on corners. The value of the corner has escalated because so many teams now play nickel more than they do their base defense. The top two corners, Leon Hall and Darrelle Revis, will be off the board by the first 17 picks, and then there will be a rush on the two or three others, including Aaron Ross of Texas and Chris Houston of Arkansas. Cover safeties like Reggie Nelson will get picked up quickly as well; Nelson can also play inside in the nickel if he's forced to do so.

6. Tennessee defensive tackle Justin Harrell will make his way into the middle of the first round. Harrell missed part of last season with a torn biceps tendon, but he actually played a game with the injury before having surgery. He's a force in the middle.

7. Character issues will drive players down even more. Players like Florida defensive tackle Marcus Thomas, Texas corner Tarell Brown and Miami safety Brandon Meriweather all will be hurt by off-the-field issues.

10. Florida quarterback Chris Leak will spend the two days waiting and waiting. He won a national championship, but he lacks arm strength, is shorter than 6-feet tall and he isn't tough. That's a bad combination. "I watched one game of his and left," said an NFC scout. "He didn't play tough at all." It might be time to dial up the Arena League.

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