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(Rumor and speculation) why the Raiders might take CJ #1


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from PFT:


We just heard John Clayton of ESPN report on the air that the Chiefs have dropped their demand for a first-day pick from the Fins for quarterback Trent Green.

This means that the Chiefs, who don't have a fourth-round pick, would take a fourth-round pick to get the deal done.

And we think that's a fair price.

The debate has been that the Chiefs think the Fins should give up something equivalent to what Green, who would likely be their starting quarterback, is worth to them. The Fins think that the Chiefs should take something equivalent to what Green, who will otherwise be cut, is worth to them.

Last year, the Titans and Ravens were in the same position with quarterback Steve McNair. They settled on a fourth-round pick.

It's a no-brainer to us -- the same deal should be done here.

So Green gets traded to the Fish, and the Fish release Culpepper in the process.

Culpepper gets signed by the Raiders as their stop gap QB and they can now take Calvin Johnson.

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